Thursday, October 12, 2006

last day of exam ^^
F&N paper was abit hard
copy some ans frm madelineMUM,theresaNU'XU, aaronTEACHER and taslimHUNK =x

after the paper
we waited for siowminNU'ER to finish her art paper
she din really do finish all

after that jiu go TM watch moive
when we reach there
the cinema was not open yet -.=

we waited until 11.50 when the cinema opens
when we went in, i saw no one inside

so i shouted"mei you ren lehh"
end up got people inside -.-
i so damn pai seh canns
meifangLAOGONG sae i sotong jiu shi forever sotong -.-

the moive was boring although is meaningful
moive was more than 2hrs
means that i having been siting more than 2hrs
back damn pain leg too )):

world trade centre was the most boring moive i ever seen
even though is meaningful BUT is boring
somemore so little people watching as it was too early
the moive starts at 12pm

watch until 12.46pm,joeyDOCTOR msg me
we sms each other until the movie ends hahas
theresa ask me to stop msging cos i type too loud lols

at the end of moive
meifang complain tat i keep talking
make her cnt watch the moive nicely ):
i kinda keep shouting omg omg omg xD

after that jiu go eat mac
i din eat cos gastric pain then no mood to eat
but i did drink ice milo :DDD

when i sae my gastric not pain lerhs
meifang sae cos my stomach went numb lerhs lols
weird weird de

eat finish jiu go this fashion walk walk
i saw 1 shorts that nice nice nice
mayb mayb mayb i gonna buy that shorts

after that jiu each of us take bus go hm lerhs
on the way walking back hm
i have no idea why i bang onto the lamp post

is like i walk walk walk jiu bang dao
i think got people saw i bang onto it
so pai seh lahs

reach home i told my sis abt it
she laugh at mie like mad cow ARGH
since it happen jiu happen bahs i dun care =x

bath finish jiu go orh orh
slept until around 7pm
wake up play com watch teebee

around 8+
i suddenly keep coughing sneezing and eyes sibei itchy
duno what the heck happen to me
mama and theresa sae is because of the HAZE
haze sucks lahs ROAR!

joey called me pei wo talk
he so good canns
he keep asking me to go see doctor
and he even said i sounds like ima crying -.-

in the end i called him
cos he was using his hp to call mie
ima good so i called him xD

joeyongweijian laugh at me too
so did theresa and meifang

talk until going 12am
i force joeyongweijian to go sleep
as tmr he was having his Amaths paper i think {tmr=today}

in the end he very guai
he really go orh orh hahahas
i slept at 12+am

woke up at around 1.30pm
slp soooooooo long damn shiok narhs hahas
wake up jiu bathe

still coughing sneezing and eyes still itchy
but better than yesterday le

now jiu at here playing com and blogging
theresaNU'XU and me planning to go on shopping marathon^^
but must wait until i ok le

off to planning where should we be going le
mayb lata go sleep again cos i feeling sleepy liao

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