Saturday, October 14, 2006

13 oct 2006

me siowminNU'ER and theresaNU'XU
went to heeren shoppingg

woke up by siowmin's msgg at around 11.10am
bath then dress up
at 12pm out of the house

i was late becos bus too slow
they 2 waited for quite a long tym
blame it on the bus =/

took MRT to orchard
we din really know where is heeren
theresa even called her brother and ask where is it

we should be took MRT until somerset as is nearer to heeren
last tym i went there was with xavierCOUZIE
but shop only the HMV -.-

this tym i shop all five floors of heeren :DDDD
is quite big
duno why theresa's bro sae is small

mayb guys clothes not much
sometimes being girls are better lahs
more things to shop hahas

77th street is way bigger then TM's 77th street
alot alot alot of clothes there
but i din see any of the clothes that i wanted

ate sakae sushi as my lunch
and because of me again
siowmin and theresa ate sushi again lols

the bill was $32.69
was cheap as we eat quite alot
we ate for about 1+ hrs and that's long

saw donald duck and daisy duck
wanted to buy it as xavier's bdae present
but he dun wan, so i din buy that duck couple

manage to get xavier to buy me a wallet for my bdae present
but can only get it after his hoildays
cause hoildays he no money de

after shopping the whole heeren
we went to the shopping mall which hab cathay cinema
siowmin was scared of sumth inside there

the apple computer was damn nice
din see any thing i want

because of siowmin
we had to take lift down to first floor
the lift went up to the six floor

some ah lians ah bengs came in
they damn freaking noisy lahs
they even bang on me ROARRRRRR!

they were pushing a person in and out the lift
when the lift door open
they are not considerate at ALL

they are blind or what
can't they see there are ppl in the lift too wtf
childish brainless fcuktards

older than me in age
but their brains are way younger than me

after that jiu take MRT go hm lerhs
inside MRT alot of people
we waited for the 2nd train to come then we can go in

i stop at enous mrt station
while siowmin and theresa stop at tampines
took bus 60 back hm

the bus got alot alot alot of people
1 uncle wanted to squeeze into the bus when he see the bus is full
but still he manage to squeeze in -.-

reach home bath play computer
waited for mama to buy dinner back
bla bla bla

i go watch liao zhai lerhs

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