Monday, October 16, 2006


right now is 4.27pm on a sunday afternoon
i so damn bored
nth to do

ytd conference wib joeyDOCTOR and his fren donovan
ppl call the donovan;quack
he sound weird =/

he keep arguing with me -.=
when he call "joey"
both me and joeyongweijian goes "what?"

end up he called ongweijian instead of joey
cos both of us hab the same name

donovan and theresa last tym was in the same class
he said that theresa likes to scold him alot
and he keep saying theresa "mother theresa" hahas

joey, donovan n some of their frens goin to jurong point play arcade todae
frm tampines go all the way to jurong point just to play arcade -.-
they sae the arcade there cheap

sit in MRT can sit dao butt pain xD
for 1hr in mrt
i sure cnt tahan dde

tok until around 2.30am
donovan hang up first cos he scared cnt wake up
as they are meeting at 12pm

after that i and ongweijian tok awhile
i asked him he tired anot?, he sae ya
then i ask him why he dun wan hang up and go orh orh

he reply me that cos i haben slp and he wan me to slp first -.-
i asked him why but he din tell me the reasons
that's fine with me if he dunwan sae

end up i hab no choice but to tell him that i go orh orh
he such a ma fan kid =x
but still after i hang up the phone, jiu fall asleep le

at 12.45pm ongweijian sms me when he was in the MRT i think
he sms me just to ask me what time i wake up -.=
he woke me up from my beauty sleep xD

he soooo bad norhs
sae ima short till cnt hold the thing in the mrt
sumore sae that i have to jump in order to touch the mrt de ceiling
ima not that short okay

sometym being short is a blessing
mrt de ceiling are short so tall ppl have to bend down their head
in order to get into the mrt

short people like us can go in without bending our head
some tall people can't even go up to the double decker bus
cos they are too tall hahahas =x

i today bery guai~
i iron my clothes, pack the things on the computer table
did things that ima usually lazy to do

so now blogging and suffing the net
lata going out with my family i thinkk
mayb not cos papa abit sick and he is slping now

graving for sushi now
lata mayb i will pull mama out to eat sushi ^^


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