Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TMR last paper lerhs which is F&N

free from stress for abt a week?
after that is the results

siowminNU'ER meifangLAOGONG theresaNU'XU sae wan to go watch movies tmr
watch 2 movies at 1 shot -.=
but 1 of the movie they wan watch de
i watch le

mayb mayb mayb because of them i will watch again
who knows hehes
theresa wan to watch world trade center
look very saddening to me

after sch went to theresa hse
she went back to her hse to take money for me
cos they last min want go TM there buy things

i din bring money for the skirt i reserve in B.U.M
so theresa went back hm and take money to lend me
she so damn good narhs =D

after taking the money
we went to near theresa hse de coffee shop eat our lunch
the coffee shop so dirty lahs
got spider web de omg
1 word dirty

on the way there
i did sumth which make me look like sotong again -.=
meifang even tell siowmin and theresa
when we were in the libary the time
so pai sehh xD

we ate finish and walk to TM there
siowmin and i walk to TM bought our things
while theresa pei meifang go OCBC take money i think
if we finish buying our things jiu go libary meet

siowmin and me reach the libary first
i thought should be meifang and theresa reach first de
cos we both took quite a long time buying our things

on the way to libary
siowmin and i was agruing about a song title -.-
i said is so just you know siowmin said is just so you know
we even bet 50cents hahas

awhile later after we reach libary
theresa and meifang came
they said the Q in OCBC very longg

mie meifang and theresa should be studying our F&N de
but we end up talking about alots of stuff
talk abt _ _ _ talk abt parents and lot more

we were in the libary laughing
i was laughing like mad xD
the people there even call us to lower down our volume
but no one cares =/

meifang help siowmin draw abit of her art
the tables in the libary became small which is for kids
tables and chairs are lime green in colour

meifang and theresa sae sumth which i duno
abt guys de things
which i will ask the guys that i normally will ask
i think they will ans me bahs =x

going 4pm
we went out of the libary
theresa walk back hm
cos her hm was near the libary

meifang's sis want to eat KFC
so we went to KFC, but it was close
waste out tym and energy walking there

meifang call her sis
her sis said she wan guo tiao
so we went to the coffee shop opposite watsons to buy

after that jiu go home lerhs
took bus 8
bus was slow until it makes mie feel very sleepy

when i reach home straight away jiu bath
cos the weather make me sweat alot alot
stupid haze make my skin so dry and make me sweat so much
haze are BAD BAD BAD

after bathing jiu go orh orh
damn sleepy lack of sleep
dark eyes becomes darker

wake up le jiu bla bla bla
ate dinner play com
din really asked the guys cos dun dare =x
lata i will ask again i think

go watch teebee lerhs

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