Monday, October 09, 2006

Now at yiqinK0R de jia
watching teebee playing com and msging joeyDOCTOR

ytd bery bery early then slp
slept at 3+am
tok tok wib joeyDOCTOR
he got nice voice :D

woke up at around 11+am
cos papa fetching mie to yiqinK0R de hse
when i was at yiqin de hse

i was grumbling abt the weather which is so hot
telling yiqin tat i bery tired
he ask mie go orh orh

in e end sort of orh orh awhile jiu wake up
play SIMS2
after benbenSUNZI came and he snatch the laptop frm mie
he played dota -.=

yiqin even worse than benben
he played pokemon lols
they 2 bery qi guai, tok to themself while playing de
yiqin even scold alots of bad words

benben de mei bery ke ai
the way she tok and the way she argue wib yiqin
so cuteeeeeeeeee~

now benben and his mei went off lerhs
benben take his mei go to the CC there to learn yoga
his mei only 7 yrs oldd

yiqin's mama cook de mifen bery nice
i dun like to eat mifen de
but yiqin's mama cook de bery nice
so i got eat

waiting papa to come and fetch mie home
duno muz wait until wad tym
off to study le


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