Saturday, October 07, 2006

was toking to benben just now
now he afk duno go whr le

meifangLAOGONG was late for sch
she even fell down, ke lian de her
when she was walking,she din see got thing on the floor
at tat tym,she was reading her notes
so din see e thing and step on it and fell down -.-

this teach us not to read things when walking
although i got read oso larhs xD

her wounds was sooooo omfg
her right palm was hurt even her skin came out
her left leg was hurt too
so bloody

todae exam was geog and chem
geog hai hao still can do
although some still abit hardd
din manage to do all finish becos not enough tym

chem was damn freaking hard
i din noe how to do alot of qsn,fail ding lerhs haiss
cos e person who set the exam was teresa chua
she everytym set hard hard )):

after sch went to coffee sh0p eat our lunch
then theresa suddenly sae wan go TM walk walk
so we went there sh0pping ^^
longg tym nvr go there lerhs cos of exams

meifangLAOGONG din go cos of her wounds
we took bus 38 there
benben and his friends were in the bus too
but he din call mie

i din even noe he was in the bus
he tell mie then i noe dde
he sae my face gong gong de
then like retarded kidd -.=

gonna buy bag cos my bag is like............
i reserve a skirt from B.U.M cos i din brg enough money
sun going there to take that skirt

actually tmr wan to go yiqinK0R's hse study de
in the end, he hab to work
so change to sundae then go
asking benben and darren to go too

tmr studying F&N
then mama sae got go out gai gai
wakakakas xD

after exams is SHOPPING TYM
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ ;D
got alot of thingys i want to buy
must start to save money lerhs,
although i still got alot alot of savings =P


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