Thursday, October 26, 2006

went to yiqin dad's place to eat dinner
the workers still rmb me
and they sae they miss me alot too xD

before i went up to 2nd floor
i went to cashier there first, saw yiqinK0R
yiqinK0R was abit shocked
and he told me jay tan was working too

worse still, jay tan was working on the 2nd floor
as expected, jay tan was shocked when he saw me
jay tan must be shocked that the workers there like me alot eh lols

one of the worker there told me gek ming got work too
but not ytd dun hab
so do federick and guan leong

yiqin's papa still look the same{fierce and round =x}
so does thomas too
xiao zhang din work there le )):

workers there sae i change alot lols
last tym blur blur de now look better hahas
sae i become taller thinner and prettier ^^
really miss them lots lots lahs

dinner din order alot of food to eat
but i still eat dao bery bery full
my sis din really eat cos the food all she dun like de

the standard of the food like drop
it did not taste as nice as last time lerhs
eat alot but din eat so hen shuang~

after that jiu went home and stone

ask ongweijian to morning call me at 11.15am but he din ROAR!
lucky donovan call me but he call me at 11.30am
at least he call me or else i will be still slping like a pig
thanks you donovan lim jun le =)

after i wake up jiu bath bla bla bla
then rush rush rush as ima going to be late
call siowminNU'ER and told her that i will be late

when i reach inter
siowmin still haben reach
so she is even later than me hahas

bought death note de tickets which start at 1.20pm
went to walk walk awhile as it was still early
after that jiu go watch death noe lerhs

the moive was 2hrs and 10mins long~
at first i din really understand wad the movie talking abt
but at last i understand hahas

the death god damn cute lahs
the way he talk jiu bery cute lerhs
and he loves to eat nothing but apple hahas

light bery shuai and clever too
but he too clever lerhs which is scary~
then L look like ghost and he so damn gothic lahs
in the movie, L keep eating non stop

after movie we walk around CS and TM
then jiu walk to S11 then wo ate wanton soup
saw guan leong and his family

guan leong wore a PINK shoe LOL
damn weird lahs
a guy wearing a pink shoe and his clothes dun pei too

i did sumth funny
which make guan leong and his papa look at me
i so darn pai seh lahs
siowmin was laughing at me for wad i did -.-

after eating we went to libary to stone
but awhile later we decided to go home
so we went home be pig xD

jiu reach hm wo jiu go orh orh
cos damn tired duno why so tiredd
woke up at 7+pm

going to iron my uniform and cook maggi mee le

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