Tuesday, October 24, 2006

went to vivo city
so today is vivo day

kana forced by my mama to go out
was drag by her to go bath and dress up
i told her i dunch wan to go

then i went back to sleep
at around 12.15pm
she wake me up and tickle me
i BTH so get off from the bed and went to bath

after that took happy down to walk walk
10 mins lata went up
around 1.30pm we went to enous inter to wait for sis

end up is she wait for us lols
took mrt to habour front
was quite a short ride frm enous to habour front

there was alot alot alot alot of people there
but mostly were chinese
we went to lvl 3 de food court to see wad we can eat
alot of eaten food was not clear

so we went to the toast de shop to eat
din really eat much cos not nice =x
after eating papa came

then papa was hungry so went to eat mac
i din eat too cos dun really like mac

then jiu go habour front walk walk first
then went back to vivo city

vivo city was damn big lahs
but i din get to shop finish cps of papa
he wanted to get out of vivo city as there was alot of ppl

we sort of got lost in vivo city cos it was too big lahs
din really noe how and where to go
my papa's car was park at habour front

so we have to walk to habour front to get the car
we walk 1 big round and get abit blur of where is habour front
went to duno whr to eat

i eat fishball mee
ate abit of fried oyster too

then jiu go home lerhs
reach hm at 7.45 then jiu bath
bath finish jiu straight away go slp xD

woke up at 9.05pm
play comp watch teebee and chatting too

donovan told me that after sch he went hm then bath
he jiu go orh orh until his mama call he then wake up
or else he still slping

heard frm donovan that ongweijian still slping now
but duno frm wad tym until now
call him oso neber pick up the phone dde
donovan sae scarly he in toilet pcc =/

TO selene couzie ; hope that u see this

i think u should think abt ur attitude towards ur brother and the way u treated him
u should zhen xi and should be man yi to hab a brother like him
the way u tok to him is damn bad lahs
although my sis is bad but at least she wun tok to me like this and she will help me when i scream for her help

but u think yourself did u help ur bro in those houseworks or cooking
when ur frens came and make dirty the hse, did u help?
and when ur bro's close fren pass aways,he came back frm the wake at 12+am, ima sure he was damn tired at that tym and he still have to do the chores until 2+am.
why can't help him do some hsework, i think he will be happy even although u din do alot but at least u did it.

and ur personal things u should not let ur brother wash it
i think u should noe what thing ima talking abt
it's damn gross and er xin lahs, ur own personal things, ur bro wash for u
dunch you think that u are too much?
you are too xing fu to have a brother like him

think what u did for ur bro and think how much ur bro did for u
if you have any problem abt me saying this
please come and find me, i will be glad to talk to you abt it =)
and whatever i write here, not ur brother ask de
is me myself who think thats you are really too much

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