Friday, October 27, 2006


last day of sch
din really do alot of thingys
do the canteen survey

mayAHMA and meifangLAOGONG keep saying me
say me blur sotong bla bla bla
meifang still sae wad she like to eat sotong -.=

then some of them clean their tables
cos of the parent teacher conference -.-
mr kahar bery ma fan lahs

actually sch jiu go coffee shop eat abit
talk until around 11.30am
then jiu take bus home lerhs
should go ah ma hse de end up i forgot so i went hm

when reach hm bath bla bla bla
after that jiu frm 12+ slp all the away until 7pm
sleep until damn shiok lahs

ah ma called me and ask why i din go her hse
i told her why
she said that ima naughty -.-

play comp ate dinner watch teebee
wondering tmr should i go out anot or stay at hm stone

2 months 1 week of hoildays
duno wad to do
sian lahs

out of blogger

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