Tuesday, October 31, 2006


ytd woke up at around 9+AM which is damn early
i stay at my couzie hse ytd
slept at around 2am

at 9+am
papa come fetch me couzie uncle and aunty
went to IMM
cause they sae IMM change alot so want go see

when we reach there
it din really change alot
everything still look the same to me

ate korean bbq chicken which was shared with mama
don't really taste nice but still can be eaten
after that jiu walk around IMM

see see there see see here
all the things not nice de nothing to shop
aunty bought a blender frm best denki which cost $50++
she have been eyeing on that since sat

actually mama oso want to buy
but i sae dun wan cos nid to wash bla bla bla
very ma fan
end up mama din buy it wakakakakas

after shopping at the boring IMM
went to papa office
wanted to have a BBQ at papa office for my birthday

everyone said ok expect for mama
aunty still want to buy things for bbq dde
mama sae papa office is too far bla bla bla

end up DUN HAVE wtf
never mind forget it ROAR!

went home after sending uncle aunty couzie home
from 3pm slept until 7pm
was darn tired lahs

din eat dinner as i din noe wad to eat
it was raining at that tym
and i was too lazy to go down to the coffee shop and buy

ongweijian din let me drink cold stuff
cos i was having back pain
he sae is his ah ma sae de back pain cnt drink cold stuff
ima a good girl so i listen to him =D

ongweijian and donovan quarrel over a small thing -.-
donovan called me and told me what happen
ongweijian din listen to his explaination and that's bad

i only listen to donovan's story abt wad happen
so todae i gonna to listen what's ongweijian story
mayb they already ok liao haha
and and donovan bully me when we were talking on the phone xD

rotting at home
going out tmr i think
either going to yiqinK0R hse or go out shopping

long post~

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