Sunday, October 01, 2006

jus came back frm blk 800++
went wib yiqinK0R yiqin's mama and yiqin's jie
to eat dinner

reach yiqin's hse at 3pm
should reach his hse at 1+pm de
but in e end raining so delay

jayZHUTOU din go to yiqin's hse
sae wan go de in e end neber go
bluff wo A-R-G-H

do abit of geog
abit of F&N notes too
after that i do dao pek chek jiu nvr do lerhs
then wo jiu play SIMS2 hahas

long tym neber play lerhs
play until half, yiqin come and ka jiao mie
buy a hse that i dun wan to buy
in the end i dun wan play liao =x

at around 6+pm
went out to eat dinner
when we went up the bus
i and yiqin saw mayAH'MA and sonya

both of them came down the bus
we went up the bus -.=

we ate zu chao for dinner
got prawns,fish.chicken,vegetables and oyster
all for $5 nia
but the food bery bery little

we saw evon and her papa mama there too
yiqin saw her first den i saw her
i so sotong, she was just in front of me
and i duno abt it

when she saw both of us
she look shocked as if she saw 2 freaks walking -.-
after she ate finish her dinner

she stand at the counter there
watching us eatingg
i and yiqin was so pai seh norhs

people eating
she keep watching at us
dunch she feel guai guai mahs

evon wore like a auntie =x
she even took a umbrella on her hand
she look guai guai jiu dui lerhs

this is what i think abt her
if u all dun think so
then save all that comments fer yourself =D

yiqin hate to eat fish de stomach
he like to eat 7/11 de chicken curry rice
see i so lihai xD

after eating jiu go 7/11 buy thingy
yiqin and yiqin's jie bought potato chips
yiqin oso bought his fav. curry chicken rice

after jiu take 293 back to yiqin hse lo
yiqin's jie and him keep on debating
but yiqin lose to her

i sort of help yiqin's jie
dunchh let yiqin win lols

yiqin's jie bery pretty
**envy envy**
so envious of her

my leg got blisters cos of wearing the new shoes
yiqin's mama gave mie a big plaster
for a small blister -.-

so qi ji that mama haben call mie
for going home late

goingg back soon lerhs bahs
at around going 9pm


off to watch teebee lerhs

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