Monday, October 02, 2006

woke up at 11+am
bath, prepare to go meet ahma them
at around 12+ off we go

my papa side de family all come to eat
my ahma treat all of us
mayb becos todae is children's day i thinkk

the food so so is still edible
service not good cos they nvr charge service charge
even nvr charge,the service still mus good ma

we yi bian eat yi bian tok
this goes on fer quite long tym
until 2.30 then we are out of the place

after that da gugu and ahgong ahma went hm
we send xiao gugu to her office
then went to marina square

i rmb tat marina square bo cinema de
in the end got -.-

we watch 寶貝計劃
it's funny and sad too
the baby darn CUTE ^^
his eyes so BIG, nex tym sure bery shuai~

i cried during the movie
cos got sad sad de part
but in the end ish HAPPY ENDING ^_^

after watching the movie

mama sis and i went to PMK
mama bought a yellow de clothes fer mie

anyway got 30% discount too
mama n sis din see any of the clothes they wan
so only i buy xD

ate our dinner at kallang airport
there alot of smoke
got alot of the oil de smell
bery smelly

but at least still can eat my dinner peacefully
after jiu go hm lo
bla bla bla

now at here playing com
go watch teebee lerhs

BTW if someone wanna ask sumth frm mie
pls ask it NICELY AND PROPERLY or else DUN ASK

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