Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the Pictures do the talking. more pictures to come. (:

DIE LIAO. i saw a lot of stuff that i wanna buy!! paycheck not here yet and here i am spending so much already. tsk. and and im talking to the cutie boy. omfg. i didnt expect to see such a cutie in singapore. one of the cutest ever i seen. even sister & jamie said so. sister even go gah gahing over him. WHY IS HE SO EFFING CUTE?! now im talking to him. so kawai~ got dimples somemore!! headache sort of gone already. hahahahahha.

tomorrow flash phase. mentally prepare to fail already. i totally suck at it. which idiot invented flash. hate him/her. make us students go fml. tsk. IT fair is fun after all, subtract those customers, standing etc. heh. cant wait for the next IT fair. hahahah. i need more money~

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