Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Met Dion at Tampines. went to check out his Zipia clothes at 24/7 mac. the internet there got us fuming mad. had a terrible time. tsk. he bought a measuring tape because of the clothes. He did funny stuff with the tape which made me laugh like a girl who just went nuts. the funniest part was "how to measure thigh when sitting down?" so he stand up & measure. almost everyone who walk pass stare at him with a funny look. hahhahhaa.

Maythida came & went to Dion's house to do some payment. cause Ibanking cant fucking work at mac. did stuff. bused to Giant to do some last min BBQ shopping for Braden's birthday BBQ later on. went to find cakes but was out of stock. bought others to replace the cake instead. maythida and i have a creative mind. hahaha. went home after that instead of slacking with them. they were god damn slow. tsk.

hopefully the BBQ would be successful though i doubt it will be. camera would be brought out confirm! how can i miss this chance to take tons of photos. prepare for picture spam soon! heh.

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