Friday, July 03, 2009

Blogger is like a bitch. i cant seems to upload the photos. & looks like im isnt the only one whose having this problem. guess what, i didnt had a wink since yesterday 6pm. to make things worse, im utterly hyper, neither am i sleepy nor tired. Barney picked me up & off we went to eat feifei wanton mee for our supper. that purple dino thinks that i never eat feifei wanton mee before. tsk.

had wanton mee & teh ping. chilled there for awhile & off to Esso to buy ice cream due to my cravings. Barney finally gave in to me in the end after umpteen times of me saying "i want to eat ice cream" his answer to me was "so late already where got ice cream! dont eat lah!" hahahah but ended up still eat. lepak at Esso till we finished our ice cream & went to find ATM. had a tough time finding a ATM that spit the correct amount of moolahs. Barney is soooooo BHB, thick skin, beyond cure already. sigh.....

Went home early cause he had projects to be done. Tried to sleep but cant. toss & turn, tried all kind of ways to sleep. but still im wide awake till now. My sleepy mode turn on already though since it's nearly midnight. First time in my life, i tried so hard to get myself to sleep. i reckon it's that teh ping's fault! normally nothing goes wrong when i drink that. oh well, i shall never ever ever drink teh ping at night ever again!!

enjoy those photos! (: im heading to bed. goodnightz!

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