Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers: revenge of the fallen = Best movie i watched this year so far
Blood the last vampire = Suckiest movie i ever watched so far.

Transformers totally worth my moolahs, sitting at first row getting our neck sore & two & half hours in the cold cinema. Saw ZC's small boys. where they thought im his girlfriend. anyhow only. tsk. small boys cant blame. the cinema was cold to the extent that i have to place my both hands on my stomach for warmth. both of us was shivering. Went to met Lionel after movie. His hair so ahem, short. lol. i had dinner first. then met Lionel's parents. his parents ordered food, therefore got no choice but to eat again. Dennis came after awhile. Went to ZC's house as Lionel need some army stuff.

ZC's cat is so scary. Took some army food from ZC since all of them say it's yummy. hahaha. waited for Lionel to get things done at his void deck. bid goodbye to them at enous mrt. cause they are going Arena. didnt wanna tag along despite ZC's lousy psychos. let them have their men's night /talk.

i haven been camwhoring for quite some time. bear with me a bit alright. heh. okay, im heading to bed. not enough of sleep these days. geez. goodnight. xoxo to you.

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