Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson is officially dead. that's like so sudden. ohwell, RIP king of pop.

yesterday night was awesome. had a good time laughing all night. received a sudden call from bryan barney, asked me if im hungry & wanna head out for supper. since im hungry, so why not. hahahah. my last text to him actually works. Met him & his friends. got to know 6 new friends = great. i think all of them have bike of their own which it's damn cool. Barney's bike darn cute compared to his friends. Went to Geylang for some curry rice. doesnt appeal to me. so didnt eat despite barney's psychos. chit chat, talked rubbish. did some tests on them. one bunch of jokers.

Decided to head down to East Coast Carl Junior's due to the FREE FLOW DRINK. before that, they went to buy ciggs. they're damn fussy. took damn long to buy. tsk. imagining those tiko guys staring at you. ewwww. Chill at Carl junior's till around 4am and all of us went home. reached home at 4.20am. Regretted not bringing my camera out. was like whining to Barney why didnt i bring out my camera. at least he entertained me by saying "next time lor" ohoh, im surprised that barney know Dion, YongTeck & lionel. why most of my friends were connected to each other somehow.

Had a hard time finding people to watch transformers with me. either no money or watch already. damn irritating. finally someone, Mr Zhong Chou. he didnt go camp. im off preparing to head out! i swear i'll bring out my camera next time, or maybe i should make it a habit to bring my camo out eveytime.

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