Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mission to fetch YQ from school failed. YQ didnt went to school. thus, met him at tampines. saw him with another girl. it suppose to be two of us only! showed my uber unhappy face to him. walked around, saw maythida. ask her to tag along, at least i wont feel that neglected. had my late lunch at say cheeze. didnt manage to eat the cakes due to YQ. went to may's grandma. out to tampines to meet both of them again. waited for GuanLong. waited for Lionel. had dinner at food court. Linus went to buy briefs just for the sake of his army life.

After awhile, Lionel's friend, heihei, ducky,yang eeeee and sam came. the whole lot of us just literally sit outside T1 and start joking, fooling around. forgot to bring my camo out. i was like complaining why am i so forgetful!! haha. manage to take 2pictures though. with ducky & my solo picture with Lionel's specs. look cuteeee. HAHA. Bid those guys goodbye & went back home.

Almost everyone i know seems to be falling out of love. even those who have been together for a very long time. 2009 isn't a good year at all. last long for those couples i know, esp maythida. dont follow my footsteps (= i feel like settling down suddenly. i want someone to be there for me when my world crashing down on me, i want someone to call me just to say " i'm calling you just to tell you how much i missed you". hahahahah. im like any other girl who yearns to be loved by someone she loves too. but seems like time ain't right, guy isn't right, place ain't right i suppose. hah. though there's no way my whole heart is gonna give my future boy.

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