Friday, June 05, 2009

  • Met up with Jessalyn at Cityhall. trained to douby guat. Wore those killer heels.
  • Waited for Siewting & Anglin to arrive.
  • Sorry for making you give up the movie & come down just accompany me.
  • Thank you for coming down all the way from vivo city.
  • Bought tickets for Blood, the last vampire.
  • My very first M18 movie before im officially 18!!! :D
  • Uber fucked up movie, No storyline, Idiotic ending.
  • I'll never listen to Jessalyn's recommendations of movies AGAIN.
  • Took bus back home with Anglin. had talks with him regarding the YE's thingy.
  • GC,GG,GO. since verbally doesn't work, therefore actions instead.
  • An apology gift. hopefully it works & he wont be angry with me anymore. :(
  • Fell down while walking back home, i don't remember laughing at YE at all.
  • I would be staying at home tomorrow, i reckon.


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