Monday, June 15, 2009

Just got home. Today was awesome. Met 6 of them which consists of Sam, Yang Eeeee, Maythida, Guan Leong, Yiqin & shaaaaron on bus. they so so so so late. Met them at 3plus instead of 1pm. went to Haji lane for some shopping. window shopping to be exact. saw derick there. hah. had our early dinner at food court, saw friends again. then trained to town to meet YongTeck, Zijian, Deon and Alvin. while YQ & sharon went back to tampines.

Just because of 2 shirts from Zara, everyone of us waited Zhijian & Dion for 1 hour. can you believe it? 1hour just for 2shirts. had talking session right inside Zara while both of them went looking for clothes. lol. i like the blue top that i chose for Zhijian!! Damn nice. hah. price also damn nice. went TopMan after that, Dion bought shirt. Zhijian didnt buy that pink checkered shirt we picked, maythida and I was disappointed cause it looks uber handsome on him. All of us started camwhoring in the middle of orchard road. Did stupid sunts, esp Au Yang Ee. he's stripper of the day. trained to geylang for dinner after that, Sam & Guan Leong went off first.

Deon really sucks at directions. worse than me i guess. Lorong 9 become Lorong 25 in his lead. Tsk. made us walk from Lorong 25 to lorong 9. it's bloody far and having those tiko uncles looking at me & maythida is totally gross. stupid tiko uncles. had dinner at Lorong 9 obviously, the food there not bad but kinda expensiveeee. Maythida kept nagging at Yang ee. worse than me. hahahah. just jolly well throw away luh, YANG EEEEEE!! inside joke. heh.

Bid goodbye to those 3 guys while Maythida, Yang Ee & I took bus home. they even send me home!! you guys are awesome. (:

I'm the youngest, smallest size, shortest among all of them. T.T
the guys all so macho macho luhhh!!!

Sam~YongTeck~DO~ RE~ MIIII~!!GuanLeong~Dion~Zhijian~i got no idea what am i doing.
GAY KISSING~Strip no 1
Strip no. 2
Strip no 3
Mr Red Ranger!I think i saw a ghost2 purple ghostZombie! slay him!


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