Friday, June 12, 2009

i need neck massage, like seriously.
mission to fetch sam failed. he ended school earlier than i thought. -.-
the movie "land of the lost" is awesome. despite the fact that i want to watch terminator.
nearly got freeze to death in the cinema with sam. imagine sharing a hoodie.
My bad habit was out, people who watch comedies with me before would know what's is it. hah.
luckily, sam didnt get back at me.
Sam look uber handsome when he wore that red hoodie of mine. VERY PUNK I LIKE!
5 of us had instant noodles for dinner at mr TANYIQIN's house. pathetic.
counted how many opposite sex names we have in our phone. mine was WOW.
Cabbed home. i doubt im heading out tomorrow. need to rest rest rest.
hmmm.. well.. i shall see first. HAHA.

I'm hitting the sheets. didnt manage to sleep yesterday. T.T


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