Wednesday, May 13, 2009

accompanied huihui to loreal & maybeline's sales at one hotel in town. up to 85% discount!! bought quite a lot of stuff. since it's cheap, why not. trained back tampines after that. bid goodbye to huihui & went to A's house so that i can leave my loots there. wait, waiting, waited for him to get everything done. he's sloooow, slower than a turtle. trained down to cityhall. wanted to eat subway but there's way too many people. settle for BK instead. im not happy about it k but xoxoboy is. i wanna eat fresh!

lead A to the place. planned to surprise him. but the free shutter bus's sign ruin everything. ohwell, at least he's smiling ear to ear to himself the moment he saw the sign. so consider that the surprise is successful? wanted to have a cubicle to ourselves but kinda impossible. i bet he enjoy the trip. took photos as if we wont be seeing each other again. xoxoboy just cant stop giving stupid faces. tsk. the scenery isnt as nice as i expected it to be. geez. the evening scenery is much better. went back home after that as it's getting late. photos up soon. sneak peek in FB. heh.

by right, gf, st & her bf should be with us but gf fall in her mum's toilet & sprained her ankle, clumsy. the other couple was held up by school. i shall go with them next time! heh. can't wait for sunday, which is my most dearest dumb girlfriend's birthday. everyone is dressing up yaw! i'll bet my girl & st will melt when they see A. HAHAHAHAHA.


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