Monday, March 09, 2009

went out with alvin & friends instead of meeting jowj. he got fucked by his autocad. poor boy. hahah. got myself a flower balloon, candy floss due to the kids carnival. of course, alvin isnt the only one who got indirectly forced to Q with me. hah. got to know another 2 of his friends, friendly. not that bad after all. watched marley & me. cried endlessly due to the ending. i was the only one who cried among them. told them not to watch already. tsk. took bus to bedok interchange, bought food for my family. and all of them sent me home.

currently, it's raining cats & dogs. wanted to skip school BUT because shir li's test, i can't. URGHHH. someone gonna have a talk with girlfriend later on. have to accompany her no matter what, who ask her to be my girlfriend. had a talk with him yesterday night, glad that he's gonna break the ice with us. i seriously hope that you wont treat us this way ever again. it's very upsetting, get it? even though you ain't the old you again, but at least treat us like normal friends of yours instead of treating us like transparent people. i know you read my blog, please try to understand & put yourself in our shoes too. thanks a lot ____. (:


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