Saturday, March 07, 2009

someeeeeeething funny. JOWJ showed it to me. i shall be less selfish today & give you guys see.
Laugh at it cause it's damn funny. changed songs in my blog. dont even think about asking what's those songs inside. i dislike people having the same songs as me unless it's my close ones. bleah.

4march, weiwen's 18th birthday.
12march, vivian's 14th birthday.
13march, my late grandma's birthday.
15march, alvin ang's 18th birthday.
did i forgot anyone's birthday for the month of march?

holidays on 22 march!!! like finally. got time to head out with you guys. stop asking when i free etc, esp mr tanyiqin. people busy right! people like, tanyiqin, asyraf, selene, deardear (though i last saw her on wed), xiaomin, meifang, theresa, wishing, etc etc. im gonna psycho mr tanyiqin to have a grand 18th birthday next month on 5th april. heh. party likeeee crazy. brobro will forgive me for creating havoc on his birthday? HAHAH.

P/S: I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY BOY'S HAIR. wonder if it's really like what ET said, "Cut already come out same, fail, waste money." HAHAHAHAHAHA

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