Thursday, March 26, 2009

SPENCER DARN CUTE. i got kissssssed on my cheeks by him several times & lie my lap till my leg went numb. doesnt want to lie on hanwei's lap despite calling him to go over his side so many times. such a cutieeee! dont wanna sayang him also hard ahh. lol. somehow he's camera shy. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SPENCER! i know spencer love me too. took tons of photos with hanwei. hahahahah. that's what we do when things get way too bored.

major illness every 2years. arggggh. high fever of 39.6. vomits, running nose, head which spins like crazy. went to see doctor. sister treats me very good, all because of a motive. tsk. but still, thank you eh baba. heh. feel so so so much better after eating those huge pills. & im sweating like mad now.

pictures. :D

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