Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 chalets in a day. auspicious day for chalet or what? the good thing is all four chalets are just next to each other in a way. got to know new friends. as usual, most of them ask me if im mix blood. 1/4 of my blood is peranakan & aku faham melayu. yes yes, i know i dont look like chinese & i have the malay accent in me which i think it's damn unique alright unlike you. hah. my sister doesn't look like chinese too just that she tak faham melayu. my girlfriend look like malay too due to her skin tone. hahahaah.

first time in my life, that i was bored to the extent that i dont wish to go home. bored but time still files faster than i thought. chicken wings from hanwei's chalet was totally awesome unlike jiajie's uncooked chicken wings. the huge difference between a guy who knows how to cook & doesn't know how to cook. tsk. cabbed home in the middle of the night.

gonna stay at home today. resting day. heading out tomorrow, thursday & friday.
i feel fat. tell me it's because of my period. :(

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