Wednesday, March 11, 2009


therefore, her pocket is having a big big hole currently. bought 2 tees, forever 21 wallet. over 50bucks again. & joey isn't working. god. thank you girlfriend, selene, love you guys many many. i dont want to lose anyone of you, im dead serious. i swear i will crumple down if you guys leave me. :( i just lost 2 of mine. boo.

As for you, i dont know why are you treating me like this. i dont know what girlfriend/selene elaborate to me it's true. cause of you, i cried twice yesterday. my heart aches. i want ask you, why why why, tons of whys. but i just dont have the courage to. i might burst into tears. as you know, im a cry baby. & joey doesn't want herself to be one. sigh. if you see this, please please clear things up with me alright. though i doubt so. sigh. i want us to be the old us, at least NOT like what we are now.

As for you, get other girls instead. they're waaaay fucking better than me. like the one in your class. btw, thank you for easing my stress away by saying you're not anymore. i dont know if it's true but still a very big thank you for you. & you're able to differentiate mine & girlfriend's voice which most of them can't. im surprised.

Lastly, you. im very disappointed in you. what you said made me feel like you dont even trust me a single bit. made me feel that you are trusting what a outsider said that you know less than 1week than me. it upsets me a lot a lot. if in the first place, you dont even believe what im gonna tell you before you ask me those questions, then what's the point of asking me? im saying it again, "i didnt tell her that". believe it or not, it's up to you to decide. after all, im a no one to you..

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