Thursday, March 12, 2009


i have been heading to school for 4days straight. great achievement for me. hah. had audio mixer test, it's @#$&@(#&( hard. called for help, no one came cause it's was a test. luckily, i manage to get everything done. merely a pass but better than nothing. did project with 10boys of mine, funny actions. i finally know that girlfriend & my voice are so similar. no wonder her/my friends cant differentiate. maybe expect for my family, L, fat fat, esp L.

watched that movie "coming soon" with classmates. got forced by girlfriend. i accompanied her watch, she accompanied me on saturday or sunday. geez. shouldn't have ask her when zac asked me if i wanna watch. act smart. bleah. kept on switching sits during the movie. paid $6.50, watched 5ocents of it only i think. im scared of horror movie what!! dumb girlfriend. the way junhao got shocked left me laughing. hahahaha.

went to KFC after that. all of them ate expect me. i prefer popyees more. expensive mouth of mine just like selene's. cousins. tsk. took bus 21 home, didnt went for vivian's birthday celebration cause im waaaay too lazy. rotted at home. as for tomorrow, not heading to school cause there isnt any important thing. sleeeeep till afternoon. haha

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