Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i shall blog while my baby boy is showering. went to macpherson ITE for some movie screening. last min decision as quoted from miss siti, our new life skill teacher. she got me bringing lappy to school and did not even use it. the lappy is god damn heavy. i think i shrink 2cm! dont bring me back to 1.58m please. :(

i kept on grumbling about the heavy lappy & ask her to treat us next wed. she agree! hahahah. joey rock your socks. i didnt eat pizza for quite a long time. the movie was nearly made me fall asleep. that so called anime movie isnt that nice. it's about a girl who can leap thru time, etc etc. movie ends = school ends. took bus to enous mrt, had dinner with jessalyn. very very filling.

i wanna eat popyees. but baby doesnt want to bring me go! he's bad. i haven seen him for 1,2,3,4, 5 days already! due to his school project. geez. my mum has a facebook account! omg. i haven been to town for quite a long time already. i think it's time for me to hit the town soon! provided if i have gotten myself enough money to speeeeend. blah. currently on saving money mode. spend less than 10bucks for the past 3days. im soooo proud of myself. but i save a lot, i spend a lot too. sigh.

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