Saturday, January 03, 2009

Im seriously not feeling very good. sister says that i might be getting stomach flu. i dont want! she kept on telling me bad stuff about it cause her friend got it before. so scary can. plus plus i was out from 1am to till 7.30am in the morning with derick & xianrong. which made my body feel worse than before. i aint taking care of myself well. boohoo. & im dehydrating.

i went to derick's house for dinner. it have been a long time since i eat home cooked food. basically, his whole family was there, plus his bro's friends which made me feel awkward. food was delicous. his mum asked me to go their house more often so that she can cook more food for me! his dog, twiggy, she's getting me heads over heels over her! the guys went to haji lane while i go home. after dinner. slept till 1am when yuyuan called & derick reached my house. funny/ dumb stuff happened. like derick wanna camwhore with me when all of us was so dead beat, xianrong actually talk a lot etc. &&& my sis ate the curry puff that derick bought for me! i only ate one. arghhhhh!

BEWARE! heavy images ahead. :D

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