Friday, January 02, 2009

i didnt have my 12hours of beauty sleeeeeeeep! i shall stop be whiny. let's talk about the very first day of 2009 & the last day of 2008.

on the last day of 2008, out with gf, st, joey, damian, st's sister & her bf. town, haji lane. something really very coincidence happened. it's something once in a lifetime i guess? hah. i saw this guy with blonde hair on bus 60, saw him again in the mrt & after dont know how many hours later, i saw him again at haji lane! and it happens to be ngengteck's friend. i was so shocked when i saw that "blondie" there. both of us was staring at each other like some retards.

chatted with him, found out that he stays near me! ohmymama. i didnt even see him before after living here for so bloody long. 3times in a day. how awesome can it be. count down at haji lane. cabbed home.

as for yesterday, the very first day of 2009. met that blondie, derick with his friend at mac. went up to his house. being a good girl, i helped him dye his "oh so not thick" hair back to black. no more gold hair anymore. his mum was friendly, his dog was fat & cute but of course not as cute as my happy. slacked around his house. mummy called, bused down to tampines mall for some shopping & dinner. mummy bought quite a number of stuff. cabbed home. watched little nonya. went down to find derick & his friend.

went to the soccer court near my house. chill there, chit chatted, star gazing. derick's friend is damn cute can! so fresh~ hahahahah. my bad. i can click with him, though im having some problems talking to him. he doesnt like to talk. geez. imagine lying in the middle of the soccer court staring at stars above. it's countless of stars. how nice. my house is the best of all. back home at 4am. took that blondie's jacket, he took my camo. i bet when i get back my cam, there's tons of his face inside. hah.

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