Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i didnt go school today. stomach isnt happy with the owner which is me. rebelling every now and then. yesterday night, the pain was unbearable. curled myself into a ball just to make my stomach feel slightly better but it doesn't really work that well. hopefully the pain wont occur again tonight.

yesterday, late for school. reached at 9am, ended at 9.40am. had junhao to alter my skirt, hopefully it wont be as short as the previous skirt. went to bugis to buy my flats with girlfriend. got something useful for jowj. i know he would love it cause it's his & only his. though i can use it too. hah. girlfriend went home while i went to find jowj at simei with the thought of repairing my phone. half way there, i found out that i forgot to bring my warranty card. blur me. met him, bought my favorite chicken rice. bet with him about the stupid rain and lost. pay the cab fare home reluctantly. chilled at my house. jowj went back home at around 7plus. sister kept laughing at his "oh so short" hair.

currently waiting for mummy to come back home with my dinner. im hungry again despite having a heavy meal few hours ago. geez. school starting at 8.30am tomorrow!!!! gotta wake up early again. shir li's lesson = boring. no theory please. gaaaah. off watching tv.

i tried moving on but i failed to do.
it's worth giving up the bloody forest.

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