Monday, January 12, 2009

3days 2nights of chalet was a totally crazy. things happened. first night was fun. get to know 2 new friends, daniel & a mix blood guy which i dont know how to spell his name. didnt know that dainel from my school. hah. selene stayed over too. cockroach came to the bed i & mix blood guy was sleeping on. both of us was like pushing each other forward to kill that cockroach.

ended up, Grandma & derick saved the day! grandma is the coolness grandma, ultimate one, my beloved grandmother. she isn't afraid of cockroaches. derick took the cockroach & flushed into the toilet bowl. that mix blood guy thought that his contact lens went missing when he was sleeping & didnt believe me that the lens is still inside his eyes. he kept on complaining. funny shit. the lens pop out again at the end of the day. grandparents went home in the morning. aunty went swimming. daniel & mix blood guy went off too.

derick, selene & i chill around downtown east. went back to chalet. not long after, people start coming. BBQ started. yuyuan came to accompany me. sister said that he's handsome. hah. problems happened. selene went back home instead of staying for another night. everyone left which left sister & me. JOWJ came and accompanied me after all. thanks sayang(: had a nice time with him. he went back early in the morning. parents came, checked out. ate, ikea, giants & courts. home, slept like a dead pig. thought that i slept through out the night.

enough said. pictures up. (:

Answer to your question is a yes.
he never fill my heart full cause you're the one whose preventing it.

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