Monday, November 10, 2008

BE JEALOUS cause it's really really rare to see tons of stars in SG, and just imagine i saw shooting star in the country full of lights everywhere. ho ho ho. that's was my first time seeing a shooting star. it's niceeeeeee!

i was a bit insane yesterday. let me tell you why. suppose to meet papaya brobro at outram MRT then head down to vivo city. but mr xiangwei was feeling upset due to something. so our plan was cancel. i din wanna stay at home so i went all the way to chua chu kang to meet them at lot 1. crazy a not?! from bedok to CCK leh! dont play play hor! lol. met papaya first then xiangwei came.

shared with papaya subway. roamed around. mr xiangwei kept on smoking and so do brotheeer. stupid guys. esp xiangwei, smoke due to his just broken up girlfriend. they brought me to one park, sat there & all of us started talking about our problems. i think i got too emotional and cried. i should be the one consoling them, but both of them console me instead. esp bro. he even offered to piggyback me. i was scared that he might faint or fall when he piggyback me. but lucky he din and carried me for sucha long time.

after that, walked to another park. then to Macdonald's, basically sat there without buying anything, treat mac like our home. walked back to lot 1 then walked back to papaya's house. then papaya's brought me to some place to see stars, but there isn't lots of stars yesterday night. at least i saw shooting star which is waaaay better than stars. i bet some of you guys din even see a shooting star before. let me haolian a bit laaaaa. hahahaha. im not going tell you guys where is the place cause i dont want lots of people to be there gazing at stars. it will spoil my mood. call me selfish whatever. i dont care. ;D maybe only my close friends whom i would tell.

reached home this morning. woke up late & did not go for school. it's tiring luh. i just got to know about a girl, being so kpo. it's not even your problem and i dont even know you. so can you stop stepping into my life? thank you very much. i dont want him to get into deep shit because of me/my blog. please put yourself inside my shoes & try to understand. it's my blog, i write whatever i want to write. if you get him into deep shit, i swear i will have a good talk with you. though i dont know you but you are isn't hard to find. (: never piss joey off. hahahaha.

im hungry and im going to whip up some nice food for myself & maybe my sister to eat. :D goodbye.

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