Sunday, November 09, 2008

i met asshole's parents yesterday not only his mum. it caught me off guard. stupid asshole. suddenly came telling me to go up his house, he even told his parents that im going up his house. after awhile, his parents got back from their dinner. i was god damn nervous alright! it's all asshole's fault for telling me that his dad is oh so scary when he's not. i was expecting some questioning from his dad but all he said was something waaay off what i was expecting. his dad even said that im a good girl. lol. & that asshole just leave me there with his dad.

all i said was "i dont know" boohoo. i doubt i gave a good impression to his dad. =( asshole laughed at me for being so nervous. when i met joey's parents, i not even have a single bit of nervous in me lor! i wonder why this time i got so nervous. maybe it's because asshole said that his dad is very fierce, will question me like mad when he see me, try to break us apart etc which makes me think that he's one scary man. no one like scary people. lol. but after i saw his dad, it was totally different from what asshole told me. he smile at me, the way he talked to me is sooo sweet, sweeter than asshole. not scary at all one lor! wanna scare me only.

before i went to meet asshole, i was working. suppose to be 10am-5pm. but i and gf start work at 11am due to something. wedding lunch at garden suite. among all, i think im the most slackest of all. i dont even have to cut duck/fish or give out the noodles. all i have to do is to clear the used utensils and bring freaking lots of glasses of beer to them. 7 guests for my table. all of them are great, i loveee them man! 2 of them wants to employ me, they even said that they could employ me on the spot. geez. they gave me their namecards, going to call either one of them on tomorrow cause they are from the same company. 3 of the guests got drunk after the wedding. they are all hardcore drinkers. some of them thought im a mix blood. they were shocked im pure chinese. tsk tsk.

after work, bathed. & off we went to ang mo kio. reached home at around 1am. what a tiring day i had. whole body of mine is aching like crazy. & my head fucking hurts to the max yesterday night. hopefully i wont get anymore headaches later on when im out with papaya fishball. he's sick & im going to drag him to the doc's.

some overdued pictures & pictures from 5th nov. (:
P.S: please get hawa to send me the photo with me & xiaomin tgt. if any of you 3 see this. (:
&& i know i look fugly in some of the pics. lack of sleep, work, different angle etc. pardon me.

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