Saturday, November 01, 2008


brobro just told me that he will give me whatever i want for my birthday. he's the best brotheeeeeer ever alright. though we ain't related by blood. & i doubt i can have the best birthday ever. :(

tampines Ikea, giants & courts with that yuyuan. i bet we would have tons of stuff to talk. despite staying at chua cho kang, he's willing to accompany me to tampines ikea. he's great.

took some tests due to my boredness. those tests stated that i would die on sunday, jan 18, 2071. i will get married 7years later. hahahaa. we shall see if it's true.

PICTURE POST ONE. stay tune for more! (:

I know I look Fugly in some pictures & super CHUBBY.
MOST OF THEM ARE NON EDITED OKAY! waaay too lazy to edit. i got like 200++ pictures to upload? this is insane.

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