Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OKAY OKAY. let me tell you guys what happen today. late for school, headed to school alone. my girl did not slept for the whole night cause she's scared that she could not wake up so she reach there school way earlier than me. during lesson, did not really listen to what miss jiahwee is teaching. surf the net thru out. gf & i went down to canteen for lunch. saw yang ee & friend. sat and had our lunch together. i and yang ee kept on talking talking talking. he himself din sleep the whole night due to riding. lol.

talked all the way till 1pm where we headed for mark lee's lesson. gf bought coffee at first, but the coffee taste too bitter for my girl. so we asked her to buy red bull & she did. after she drink that drink, she went high high high! kept on talking to me non stop, it's really non stop. worse off than me man. though i love to talk. hah. went to NTUC buy stuff after school ended. both of us headed home after that. went home & start baking cookies with sister. nicenicenice! heh. my asshole came when i & my sister was about to start cooking dinner. fried rice, wedges for dinner. wedges got burnt cause of me in the living room watching tv. lol.

so asshole took over and deep fry all the food that needed to be fry! hah. what an eye opener, a guy like him willing to cook though the food still not crispy enough. but still, miracle leh! asshole told me that he hate cooking. lol. asshole went to teach my sis after dinner & all those washing up. asshole even wash up ALL the dishes. sometimes i wonder if he's really my gui gong zi. lol.
both of them took 2hours to finish up those teaching stuff. real long.

around 10pm, send asshole home. but ended up i made him delay till 11pm. my fault, my bad. but he's happy, i can see that. hah. actually it's not that bad for have a gf like me though the stuff mostly happen at the wrong time. hahaha.


PROOF THAT HE COOKS! im not lying. (:

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