Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The picture above shows how i feel right now.

Late for school around almost 2hours, our daily routine expect for wed. finish the practical within half hour. and lesson for miss jia hwee lesson ended. 3/4 of my class went to the factory for lunch together with mr mark lee. then went back school for lesson. gf, selina and me were talking rubbish, okay not totally rubbish, it's some horny horny stuff that you won't want to know. lol. school ended at 3pm.

headed home after that. sis came back and told me that asshole is coming to give her tution. kinda surprised as i thought he has work to do. accompanied sis down to the void deck and sat there till they end their teachings. brought my happy down too, the other dogs were to crazy when they saw her. kept barking non stop, asshole got irritated by those barks. this prove that my dog is charming. hahahas.back to my home. called mama to buy dinner for asshole too.

long john sliver for dinner. niceeee, it would be better if there's my fav clam chowder. but too bad i can't eat seafood now. sigh. after awhile, my dad came back. my dad and asshole can really communicate quite well. my dad even started the convo with asshole first which it's a rare sight. looks that my papa have a good impression with him. and that's great! as for my mum, she seems to be alright with him too. so i think i will have no problem having asshole in my house already. lol.

for tomorrow, first lesson of the day is maggi lai's. this really can dampen my mood of going to school. gaaaaaah. and this is the only day i won't be late for school. cause she waaay too scary. and asshole is having 8hours of work tomorrow. i think he's going to be dead. hahaa. good luck to him man. im evil. heh.
Some overdue pictures.
PS: sorry for the blur picys.

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