Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love is the only temptation that i won't be resisting.

TODAAAAAAAY. suppose to wake up at 9.30am and out to asshole's house. but i was too lazy to force myself up to prepare. dragged all the way till my family came back from my sister's piano practice. did some household chores before i went to prepare. took bus to asshole's house. missed few stops. took another bus there. blur me. that asshole was halfway brushing his teeth when he opened the door for me. slacked around, watch tv, eat food that asshole cooked. felt kinda honored cause asshole neither don't cook nor do household chores. so must learn how to treasure when he do something that he does not do. hahahaha

out from his house at around 5plus pm. went to botak jones to dinner. ordered fish&chips and some sausages. soup was on the house. cool services, double thumb ups for it! i ate very slowly, slow to the extent that im lazy to cut the fish. asshole fed me, funny stuff happened. it was raining cats and dogs outside. when we were deciding how to get out of the place, one stuff from botak jones offered to send us to the bus stop opposite. their services is really awesome!

took train to tampines to find grandma while asshole went to find his friends.
2nd aunty going oversea for work for 2years. gonna miss her tons. going to school tomorrow no matter what! it's just 2hours of lesson anyway. asshole said that he's going to motivate me on going to school everyday. wondering how is he going to do it man. looking forward for his motivation. lol. OH OH OH BEFORE I FORGOT, I WON'T BE HAVING PE LESSONS FOR ONE MONTH! jealous? (:

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