Sunday, August 10, 2008

let's rewind and let me talk about what happened on friday and yesterday. :D

on friday, 080808. wake up uber early in the morning. wore home clothes. destination was macpherson ITE instead of Bedok ITE. called james while i was on the way to bus stop. james said that we ain't suppose to wear home clothes. i was so shocked. called gf and decide what to do cause my girl was reaching the school soon. so we decided to meet up and bedok interchange. right after i board the bus, gf called me and said that we can go there with home clothes cause we are not the only ones without school uniform. ate breakfast and took bus 24 to macpherson ITE.

went to canteen to look for classmates. then up to the hall to watch the last part of the so called concert. all of us went to some place, and everyone start taking cam whoring including me. had fun cam whoring. but over all the celebration of the NDP is not even nice, not even the concert. chatted with james, get to know a lot of stuff. bid goodbye with everyone. gf and i took bus 65 to tampines to meet 2 girls to sell my stuff and get our stuff. wanted to have our lunch at TM but it's was too full with people. so we took bus 22 all the way to AMK hub. it's was a super long jounery. slept all the way. went to Nebo to have our lunch and played some board games. to kill time while waiting for that asshole of mine.

girlfriend's house was next. something funny happened. gf was shy and blushing. both of us fall asleep. gf's brother came back, he's indeed a fat boy. lol. wake gf up. then off i went to find asshole. waited for him to end his training. i got jealous because of the way he talks about the girl. i manged to calm down after some mumbling to myself. went to back AMK again to have dinner.
went someplace to have our own time after that. home was my last stop of the day.

SATURDAY, 090808. mama woke me and sister up at around 8.30am. prepared everything and went to pray our grandma. the sun was scorching hot. nearly turn into roasted pig. went to IMM, ate breakfast at Macdonald's. went jalan jalan around IMM. took bus 22 from the bus stop at my house to amk to meet asshole. went to bugis just to get his pay. waited for quite long cause that bardon was busy. went to lavender to meet the other couple. walked to golden mile hawker centre for lunch. then gelare for ice cream. walked to someplace which i have no idea where, sat there for awhile. on the way there, talked to asshole's good friend. get to know more stuff about asshole and other stuff. was surprised when she told me all these stuff. asshole piggyback me while we were on the way to boat quay.

took photos with statues. it's lame i know. went to Fullerton Hotel cause of me wanting to go to the toilet. hahas. slacked inside the hotel till nearly 8pm. then those three finally bring me to the place that none of them willing to tell me where. took the boat from river cruise. saw fireworks while we were inside the boat. after that, something real real real shocking happened. i cried. even up till now, i still thinks that im dreaming. gaaaaaaaaaaaah! after the boat trip, the couple went off. asshole and i went to central pasta waraku to have our dinner. malu and his friend, shawn come to find us after that. cabbed home while asshole went drinking with malu and friends. sort of quarreled with dad the moment i reached home. it's my fault anyway. kinda guilty about it. oh whatever.

PICTURES UP! i do look not very nice in some of the pictures but who cares. heh. it's photo not the real person. i look pretty in real life can already. hahahahahas.


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