Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I din went to school today. sigh. gf and i have been skipping school a lot, real lot ever since school started. i'm lazy, just too lazy to go school. i know i know, attendance is very important to us. yada yada whatever. basically, i stayed at home for the whole of today. should be meeting davin, but i was too lazy to get myself out of the god damn house of mine. mum came home early today. bought Agnes B wallet. it's in red, my fav color. so long the item caught my eye, i don't care whether is authentic or unauthentic i will buy it! hahahaha. provided i have enough money.

watched mummy with gf ytd, i was freezing in the cinema. complained to gf why is she not asshole. lol. after that, bought food from mos burger. took bus and met asshole. that guy wore green man. shilah's fav color. that guy was like so happy when he saw the corn soup i bought. he said don't remember telling me that he loves the corn soup from mos burger but i do. haha. im very very very observant okay! sort of have a heart to heart talk with asshole. cried of course. got to know stuff about me that i don't even know after being me for nearly 17years. told asshole stuff too, he was surprised cause he don't even know he did all these. hahaha. but still, he's still an asshole, an asshole who don't take hints, dumb, love to force people to say what they don't want to etc.

okay. enough of my rubbish. tomorrow working! it's like finally, after 2weeks, im going to work again. i bet the people there miss me. heh.

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