Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love you so Still can't let go
We were so happy

Down to the point it was sappy

We were always together

Thought nothing else was better

Nothing could have made us stop
We were heading for the top

Looking back for where we went wrong
Have things been so bad all along?

All it took was one last time

But you had already made up your mind

I thought you were the key to my heart

But now all I'm left with is memories
Missing the good times we had
I'm sitting here thinking so hard

If you love something set it free is is how this should be

But does that mean you have take away a part of me?
Now there'll be someone new you’ll be kissing

But you I'll still be missing
& you never know how much im missing you

let's see what did i do today. basically went to school. was late for maggi's lesson cause of jessalyn tan. her bus got into traffic jam. suggested to skip maggi's lesson since we are already late for it. saw jason in bus 222 while we were on the way to bubble tea shop. he was late for the lesson too. went to bubble tea and have our lunch. the weather was unbearable. bought fries and went to school. went to coop and canteen to kill time. finally it's was 2.55pm. both of us start walking up to class happily.

and on our way up, saw alvin and friends. they blocked our way. played scissors paper stone. lame i know but it's kinda fun. derrick nearly pushed girlfriend down, luckily alvin can't bear to push me down. ahahhahahs. lots of teacher pass by and only one helped us which is mr lee tock seng! if none of the teachers helped us, i think we will be stuck there for a long time. 15mins at the stairs and all of us are already sweating. the weather really kills man. went into class, saw only 4 person in there. kinda shocked. did our practicals. met up with davin, that good brother of mine. made him waited for me for half hour. felt bad about it though he din blame me for it.

dinner was at mos burger. his treat. heh. talked a lot, his problems, my problems etc etc. i'm very disappointed in davin. i thought his girlfriend would be a very nice/understanding, pretty girl. but ended up is an ah lian wanna be/xiao meimei. sigh. she's not good enough for davin, seriously. she's taking davin for granted man. davin's good point is his bad point. sigh. hopefully, he will be happy with that girl and truly forgets about S.

roam around TM & CS after eating. then he sent me home. thanks bro! he give me a lot of advices on the way back home. follow what my hearts say. if can't, think. sigh sigh sigh. problems. sigh. anyone can tell me what to do?! it's really not fucking easy being me. sigh. enough of my whining. tomorrow last day of school for the week. :D where should i go? haha.

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