Saturday, June 07, 2008

went for work yesterday. i was so unwilling to go to work. amos kept asking me to skip work cause we were having some class picnic. but still, i decided to go for work. money money! hahas. get to know more new people from my work place. the bakers there seems to be a bit weird. but they treat me uber good. lol. and that's great. i had jasmine accompany me till 6pm.

i dislike dislike dislike that guy manager. he only knows how to ask people do this do that. yet he can't do the things himself. i only got 2hands not 6hands. he kept asking me take this do that take that etc. i was soooooo pissed off with him man! cindy and lee keep asking me to relax relax. seems like im not the only person who kana this stupid thingy by him. ass him! if this goes on, i'm gonna fire him!

knock off at 10pm. called amos but zac picked up the phone. asked them to come bugis find me since they are at suntec. chatted with the workers there while waiting for them to come. after they come, went to mac cause zac wants to eat ice cream. chill around at the bus stop, 6 of us shared 2 bottles. and home were our next stop. zaki sent me home

chatted with him about lots of stuff. found out that zaki and amos love to have me as a topic when they are chatting together. reached home, surf net awhile and off i go to my comfy bed.
baby did not came to fetch from work instead he went to lokhang's house to ton. kinda angry with him but at least zac, amos, jess, zaki & shilah came to accompany me. hahahaas. thanks guys! (:

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