Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I had my exam today. prepare to flunk my exam in glory~ met jessalyn at around 2.30pm. saw jason at the bus stop. went to school for the stupid online exam. got caught for wearing PE shirt by the section head. have to let him see me wearing uniform tomorrow morning at 10am so that i can get my marks counted. kinda dumb.

crap a lot in the so called exam room. talked a lot. even though no talking is allowed. haha. guess the answers. i did not even study for the exam. lol. exam ended at around 4pm. bid goodbye to the classmates. zac, amos & i went to bedok inter for lunch. after that, the 2 guys asked me to go boon lay. called jessalyn & we found out that she's at bedok inter with junhao and selina. so i asked her to accompany me to boon lay. bid goodbye to selina & junhao. mrted all the way to boon lay. told jess a lot of stuff. heh.

went to amos's house after we reached boon lay. zac went home to put his stuff first. jess and i felt so weird in amos's house. all of his family was at home man! that's freaking weird. and it's 2 girls. i was telling amos that his mum might think that he bring 2 girls home for some threesome. hahahahas. played Wii with jessalyn. zac played the last round with me while jess played the first 2 rounds with me. and i won the 3 rounds! uber lucky me. or maybe there's something with the chair zac & jess sat. lol.

went to zac's house after that. his dog, milo, is fat fat fat. stayed in house awhile and off we went to jurong point for dinner. mrted home. i survived the journey from boon lay to enous all alone. it's very lonely. esp when im the kind of person who can't stop talking. lol.

amos! amos! don't be sad alright. there's still us for you! if you need someone to talk with, call me! i can an wei you! (: just don't be gay. although i know you will never be one. cheer up!

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