Friday, May 23, 2008



i woke up darn freaking early today! 7.30am wake up lehhhhhhhh! prepare everything, wait for my gf to msg me. but the message i receive was "meet at 10.30am" i was like "wth" replied her back, asking her to go bath etc. played computer, surf the net while waiting for her. met her at around 10plus am. she said to me that she went back to sleep after i replied her and woke up at 9am. she is such a asshole lah. make me wait sooo bloody early.

walked towards the MRT station. then i suddenly remembered that we forgot to buy amos's liang teh. so both of us walked all the way back to the shop. jessalyn bought the liang teh. took bus 222 to school. the moment we reached school, saw shilah, zaki, amos, edwin and junhao sitting on the bench. seems like they are waiting for us to come. lol. the first sentence i said to them was "CAN WE GO EAT?!" lol. i felt hungry at that point. but jess was the first to chiong to the canteen. ahahahahs

ate mee soto. kinda regretted eating that. cause the nasi biryani in tomato sauce tastes nicer today. alvin and kelvin came to canteen and disturb me and jess. kelvin called jess "crocodile" which i have no idea why. ah bengs....... went back to class, copied answers that teacher wrote on the board. the others played DJ max. around 12plus pm ended class. zaki and shilah the couple went off as zaki have his friday prayers. while me, gf decide to go to tampines mall for some shopping. dragged amos along too. on the way there on the train. i suggested going to EXPO for the food festival.

both of them agreed. saw robinsons'sale first. went in and walked around. saw one red halter neck bra which is cheap and nice. but too bad it's does not have my size. gah! had jess's size but she does not have any money. hahas. saw adiddas sale on the way to the food festival. went in too. bought one red adiddas jacket for baby. then continue our journey to food festival. zaki and shilah came. the food in the food festival is damn niceeeeeeee! too bad i did not bring any money out. sad sad.

due to the food which is not halal. zaki and shilah went out of the hall and waited for us outside. 3 of us walk walk walk taste the food. bought chicken pie, it's nice and cheap! jess and amos shared the taiwan mian xian. i stole some of it. lol. after that, walked a bit more and out we go. 5 of us did stupid stuff on the MRT station. bid goodbye to them. and trained to simei to meet baby.

told baby that i bought the jacket for him. he thought that im lying to me. after i showed him the jacket, he called me crazy, waste money. he's really bo xim ah. sigh. ate chicken rice. baby's treat. went to pet safari to see puppys. then took cab home. waited for the cab for quite a long time. went home. slept until 7pm. baby cooked dinner. slacked. etc etc.

My girlfriend, jessalyn and i would be working as giving out singtel flyers tomorrow at far east plaza till night. come find us alrights! help us take more flyers too! =) in return, jessalyn would....... just joking. LOL. and my mum just decided to take half day leave on tuesday to bring baby, sister and me to the food festival. we are going to make my mum burn a big big hole in her pocket! wahahahaha.

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