Tuesday, May 20, 2008


met up with baby and amos at enous MRT station at 3.30pm. Amos stayed the furtherest yet he's the first one to arrive. i'm the second and baby was the last. walked to the bus stop where we took bus 966 to parkway. ate at the hawker centre with baby. talked tons of rubbish. made amos scared of ahem ahem. hahas. after that, went to borders to look for books. saw one book that im interested in. looks nice to read. Amos bought a book which cost $50. darn expensive. the book baby wanted is out of stock. so he found another that he wants but it's very expensive, 51bucks.

so i told to wait for singapore sales. there might be discounts. lol. if there's really discounts, amos would be damn heartbroken. lol. he even bought the book when his parents don't allow him to buy. it's some fantasy novel book. went walking around parkway after amos bought his book. baby kept whining and whining to me regarding the book. after don't know for how long, we decide to eat our dinner at pastamania. baby and i did not manage to eat finish our food cause we are way too full. chit chatted again. about NS, ahem ahem and more. Amos is really scared that thingy might happen. or he wants it to happen, therefore he keep saying about the thingy. uh amos? hahahas.

went to borders again. the 3 of us read the book of world guiness record. saw lots of stupid, funny, weird, lame records. bused back to the bus stop after that. Amos took MRT home, while baby sent me home. and he went home after staying at my house awhile. hehs. tomorrow having school at 10am! early early early. sigh.

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