Tuesday, April 29, 2008

okay! i shall start blogging now. nothing much happen today. met jess at inter as usual but 45mins earlier than normal due to the compulsory exam trial today. had that trial exam. guessing the answer all the way. jessalyn did something really dumb. i think she's the one & only person who did that. as soon as we finish the exam, jess and i went out of school for lunch while waiting for the couple, zaki and shila!

ate at bubble tea shop. cheap although not healthy cause it's consists of heavily fried food, process food, and maggi noodles. what to do, we are tight in cash. shall pamper myself when i earn many many many money. heh. zaki, shila and junhao came to find us at bubble tea shop. i kept teasing jess about junhao. hahahahas. and jess said something which is super straightforward. i think junhao got heart broken. oppps. bought 2 packets of fries and took cab home. i really cannot be so lazybum, i have been spending tons of money on cabs these days. ):

reached home, baby was giving my sister, baba, tution. he's earning 8hours 100bucks. good job for a 16+ kid. oh well, he can yang wo. *blinks at baby* watched bleach. baby cooked. oh oh, inping joined us in our blogshop! welcome inping, *claps claps* :D tomorrow lesson starting at 9am, how sad. hopefully jess can wake up. haha

that's all for today. bye bye~

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