Monday, April 28, 2008

HELLO EVERYONE! im back blogging after such a long time. heh. tons of stuff happened.

- got myself some not very nice part time job.
- earn around 100 bucks due to the job but not a single cent was saved in the bank.
- my grandma passed away on 4th of april 2008 due to asthma attack.
- my 3 weeks holidays was not very well spent.
- went to singapore flyer with baby, mum and joan. (mum's treat)

that's all i think. actually i forgot most of the things that happened. tomorrow having some trial exam thingy. 2-4pm i guess. and and and jessalyn and i made a blogshop! zac gave us the name of the blogshop. do go in and support us!

Tag me people! (:

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