Thursday, March 06, 2008


went to school just for pamela's class. watched a movie about hutu and tutsi riot. kinda saddening. shila and i nearly cried. jess kept saying stuff and asking questions that don't relate to the movie. lol. oh oh, miss pamela read mine and jess's blog. quite shocked when she told us that. do tag me if you see this uh, miss pamela lao shi. class ended around 4pm then leave school to meet baby. watched the leap years. nice nice loveeee movie. the actor looks very macho. dinner was next, baby ate laska and chicken rice. and went home.

oh by the way, a classmate of mine happened to be a unlucky person for today. heard from amos that her class attendance for this term. read carefully everyone! her attendance for all of her lesson for the this term is 100%, 1-0-0%! people who might not know, may think that "oh that classmate of joey is soooo guai, everyday come to school without fail" but but but the truth is the numbers of times she came to school per week is like less than 3times? even i'm better off than her man. that maggi's lesson, she got 100% attendance. but heard other friends of mine that she did not even go maggi's lesson. bedok ITE is sooo freaking unfair to us, yeah i mean ALL of us in MMT081B class. i got 80% for maggi's lesson cause i did not go, so it's fair but she did not go yet 100%. pissed off by it and im not the only one. why why is she the only one who gotten 100% for ALL the classes? weird uh everyone. gonna ask mr mark lee why on monday. maybe some bias thingy is going on out there. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... that's all for now. and jess, i blogged about it already! (:


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