Sunday, March 09, 2008


i finally have my hair cut at beautiful aunty helen house after months. the outcome of my hair is much much much more thinner than before, fringe looks nicer too. baby had his hair cut first than mine, sis was the last. my sister had her hair dropping due to her oil scalp. i was the most mafan person for the day cause i have the thickest hair to cut. aunty helen really took a very very long time to have to hair done. aunty helen is the best hair dresser i know cause the fees are not expensive and she is very accommodating to our "how we want our hair to be cut" unlike other dressers, they will cut cut cut to their liking. and leave us alone. that's call bad hair dressers. and one more thing, aunty helen is funny. hahas. after our haircut, had our very very late lunch + dinner. should be heading to parkway to meet my mama but plans changed. sis went to meet her cousins.

while baby and i went to lan shop to meet davin,elias and baitao. after awhile, zihao came. they played their games till around 8plus. something real good happened between the time at lan shop. heh. basketball was their next plan. as usual, i sat there and see them play. im afraid of balls laaaah. =x davin got hit by ball by a small boy 3 times. lol. around 10pm, elias and zihao sent me to safra bus stop and i took cab home. im going to my lala land already. im dead beat. byeeeeee!

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